Cooperators’ Assistance

The Meeteetse Conservation District (MCD) provides the following services:
(call the office at (307) 868-2484 or email: for availability)

1. Rod, measuring wheel or level – Available For Rent.
2. GPS and digital camera – MCD can provide these services for you.
3. E. coli testing for well and domestic water.
4. Assistance with Grazing Planning and Management.
5. Assistance with Mapping (General, GIS, or Topographical).
6. Assistance with Well and Spring Permitting Development.
7.  Weed management information.
8. Backpack Weed Sprayer – Available For Rent
9. Hay Moisture/Temperature Probe – Available For Rent
10. Agriculture Weather Meter – Available For Rent
11. Informational Requests (if you have any questions, we would be happy to provide the information for you or point you in the right direction).

 For Information regarding NRCS’s cost share or grant assistance program click here.